You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose...

This school year, my time is split between a 5/6 split (advanced students), a kindergarten class and, of course, time on the playground. Kindergarten and the playground have been like slipping into a comfy pair of old shoes. Teaching math to the advanced students has taken a little getting used to.  As a whole, they are fairly serious students, serious people. I've tried to lighten things up a little but was afraid I was failing when, today I heard "Mrs. Y.? Can I add a rule to our class? "Shoot, I thought. No more rules! just relax!"  I have to admit I was oddly and pleasantly surprised though when I asked what rule he wanted to add and he grinned "no putting pencils up your nose". I knew better than to ask what prompted that, but agreed it was a great rule.

I think they're comin' around.

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