It's all how you look at it

Talking about Halloween tomorrow, a 4th grade girl told me "I'm going to be a pink rabbit, but I'm telling people I'm really a blue rabbit that fell into pink paint"

Guessing the store was out of blue rabbit costumes :)

A complaint by any other name...

Our school houses one of the district's Elementary Advanced Programs - for "gifted" kids.  They are on the playground at the same time as all other classes in their grade level.  Mostly, they are doing what all the kids are doing and I don't always  know what class any particular student is in. I DID figure one out today though, when he gave me a laundry list of complaints about a certain game and ended the list with "and so forth and so on".

 Perhaps I should have said "a well spoken laundry list of complaints".

Hey Baby....

" Hey - want to help me find a rainbow?"

If it hadn't been said sweetly from one Kindergartner to another, it could easily have been a cheesy pick up line.

Me and Hil

Fairly certain the skills learned brokering peace deals on the tether ball court qualifies me for some sort of State Department appointment.

So sweet?

So sweet! I thought as I watched a 3rd grader stop and hug her 6th grade brother. Then I heard her say to her friend as they walked away: "haha - he hates when I do that"

OK maybe not sweet, but oh so normal!


Saddest complaint of the day:

Danny keeps running from me - and we're not even playing tag.

High five!

Sometimes, I'm at a loss for the right thing to say in a given situation. Today a 6th grade boy came up to me:

"Mrs Y - look! I have hair on my face!"  Thankfully, a simple high five did the trick.