Do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth...

After giving her friend some misinformation (about how to log on to a web site), I overheard one kindergartner say to her friend - "I'm sorry.  I said the truth wrong".

I guess with that way of thinking, we can always tell the truth.  Even if it's wrong.


When one of my kindergarteners was clearly procrastinating doing his work by telling me "math gives me a headache", I suggested that maybe If he focused on his work he would forget about his headache.  His "really?!" could have meant one of two things:

A.  Mrs Y - you are so clever. Thanks for the advice.
B.  Mrs Y - I may be 5, but I wasn't born yesterday.

Pretty sure it was B.


As we were stopping and starting to make our way through a soccer game in order get across the playfiled, I mentioned to my 2nd grade companion "this reminds me of a game called Frogger".  Realizing Fogger came in the early 80s, I was pleasantly surprised when her response was "I love that game!"

High Fives to Maddie's parents!


Favorite quote of the day (overheard from a group of kindergarten girls):

"No one is perfect. Not even princesses."

These girls have it figured out.