Super super bowl

The Super Bowl is in two days. Today is "blue Friday" and almost everyone, everywhere is dressed in their Seahawks blue and green. This afternoon, out on the playground, two boys got into a heated argument during a soccer game and I needed to get involved to mediate. As they each began to shout their version of events, one stopped for a minute, looked at me and then smiled. "Ha! I like your necklace". Talk quickly turned to the big game and recess was saved. #sb49totherescue.

Thinking waayyy back

I was talking to a little girl about winter activities, and asked her if she had ever been ice skating. She told me she had - "when she was little".

She's 5.

Can I play?

Advice to a first grader today - after complaints from his friends:

"Aw Buddy, if you want to play, it's always better to ask your friends if you can play rather than just tackle them".

Life lesson #103


Wisdom from a third grader:
"If everything was awesome, nothing would be awesome."

Definitely need to remember this during my less than awesome moments.

Now you see me?

Things reported seen at recess today:

1. N pushing people
2. snails
3. spiders
4. worms in the sand box
5. an invisible boy. Named Sawyer.

I guess as long as Sawyer isn't pushing people, I can keep my eye on that pushing issue.

Awkward silence

I was having a conversation with a 6th grade boy about "awkward silences". I'm not sure how we got on that subject (but imagine that could be a blog post for another day). Since he is one who likes to talk, I asked if he ever experiences awkward silence. He didn't have to think about it too long before he said "well- we did start sex ed in health last week..."

Luckily there's a lot to learn in silence.

Aha moment

"Mrs. Y - I figured out why our school colors are blue and green!"

It's a beautiful morning...

Have you ever had moments that you'd like to bottle up - to be able to take them out and experience them again at a later time? I had one yesterday morning when the first student I encountered, a grinning second grade boy, greeted me like this: "Mornin' Mrs. Y. It's gonna be a BEAUTIFUL day!". Now I don't know if he was talking about the weather (it was chilly and overcast) or just his prediction of how his day was going to go, but in either case my own day got off to a BEAUTIFUL start. Love those kids!