When the sun comes out.

At the beginning of recess I had a 6th grade girl complaining about the (too modest) school dress code and at the end of recess I had a first grader tell me he found a skirt at the far end of the playground.  Not saying the two are connected, but...

Guess who's coming to recess

I never know who will show up at recess - today a group (flock? gaggle? herd? swarm?) of Greek gods and goddesses

Peace, not war

A first grade boy and girl came to me complaining that others were saying that the two of them were "at war" and they wanted to assure me they were not (any longer).  A crowd had gathered as we were talking and I took the opportunity to talk about the value of peace vs war.  The kids left chanting "peace not war - peace not war".  I sometimes wonder what the classroom teachers think happens out on the playground.

Did she really just ask that?

Don't you just wonder sometimes what exactly goes through their head??

4th grade boy: "Mrs Y - Can I get a bag?  I just pulled my tooth out."
Girl sitting next  to him - "Was it loose?"

3 ring circus

Some 4th grade girls wanted to put on a "circus" on the playground today and invited me to watch.  After they proceeded to give me a pretend ticket, one of them (quite sternly, I might add) told me "don't lose it".  For one second, I worried that I might.