Meat and potatoes

From a5th grade boy:
:Mrs Y - what's that thing called where friends get together and make fun of another friend?  A steak?"  

Took me a minute to figure out what he was getting at. "  "A roast,, you mean?"  

"Haha. Yea.  That's it."

Wake up!

"Numbers make me tired" - 5th grade math student

How many times have we all thought THAT???

Things they don't teach you...

Two first grade girls came up to me on their hippity hops announcing their plan to bounce around the entire play field every day because they  want to be fashion models.  "That's fantastic"  I told them "you will be really healthy!"  Their reply took be aback: "We don't want to be healthy.  We want to be skinny". I took a deep breath (more like several) before I went on.  "Well you will have great muscles and endurance.  Good for you!"  They hopped off, I'm sure  thinking I totally missed the point.  That's OK though.  I didn't miss the point at all - just tried to change the direction of it.

That's what friends are for

5th grade boy: "Who was that president that ended with NIXON?"
Friend: "President Nixon?"
First boy "Yea! That's it!"

That's what friends are for!


"Mrs Y I think Jessica's hurt.  She's crying really hard."  I found Jessica and she was indeed crying really hard - that kind  of crying that makes it hard to speak.  Trying to assess what was wrong, I asked her why she was crying and had to strain to understand her as she sputtered out "My friend said something I hate". Assuming  she had heard something like " You're  not my friend" or "I don't like you" I said "Oh my goodness it looks like she really hurt your feelings.  What did she say?" I'm certain I didn't hide my surprise (or probably my smirk) when her answer was "smoked salmon" because she went on to explain, between sobs, "I hate sea food".



One of our 4th grade girls walked into class holding an ice pack to her eye.  When I asked what happened she explained she has allergies. I asked what she was allergic to and she responded "pollen .... and  (giggling and not missing a beat) BOYS!"

Pretty sure antihistamine can help with the first.  The second, however, will just take time!

Ground Hog's Day?

The sun was out for the first time in weeks and a little girl ran out to recess, spread her arms out and shouted "I can see my shadow!"

Who needs Puxatony  Phil??