If 8 year olds were in charge

 Wisdom of an 8 year old:

"I think Thanksgiving should come after Christmas.  Then people would remember to be thankful for their Christmas gifts".

Not sure what that would do to Black Friday though....


A 2nd grade soccer player came to me at recess complaining that another boy was stealing the ball from him. A little frustrated by a high level of complaints today, I simply said "isn't taking the ball just part of the game?"  To which he simply said "Yes. If the person taking the ball isn't on your own team".

Noted: legitimate complaint.

I like you

I learned something today - it feels really good when someone unashamedly, with absolutely no agenda looks right at you and says "I like you". And then runs off to play on the swings, expecting nothing in return.

May need to try that. Maybe not the swing part. Or maybe :)