"He thinks he's boss of the sand box, but there IS no boss of the sand box.  I wish there was though, because then I could fire him."  Love that kid's logic!
Same small group of Kindergartners pulled out of class for a 20 minute friendship/anger management session.  One little guy says to me: "Mrs Y - can we keep this short today?"  Thinking he was missing snack or "choice time" I answered "We won't be too long. What are you missing when we're out here?".  I feel bad that I laughed out loud when his answer was "my girlfriend".   Ah- to be 5.
Mrs. Y - I have milk in my shoes.  And it's uncomfortable.
I  was doing a little anger management class with some Kindergartners today.  I asked "What is something, or someone or some place that makes you feel CALM?"  Answers included:
"my stuffed bear" (aww -I get that!)
"my mom" (so sweet!)
"reading in my bed" (atta boy!)
"diving into water" (creative - love it!)
"McDonalds" ( wait... what???!)
Asked a sweet Kindergartner (aren't they all, though?) how his day was. "Great!" he answered.  "I haven't punched anyone today." 

 I think I'm going to start using that as my benchmark.
I could not make this stuff up!
"Mrs. Y. come quick - Mary fell backwards"
"What happened?!"
"She told me she could walk backwards better than me ------- she was wrong"
Thought the little guy on the playground was being unkind when he told me Madison had lost her marbles until I investigated further. She had indeed lost her marbles.  All of them.  Rolled right under the fence.
I had to bite my tongue on this one:
"Mrs. Y - we're playing cats and dogs and I'm a cat and now they won't let me in the sandbox."  

(TRUTH - I wanted to high five the kids in the sandbox)