Boys can be pretty predictable sometimes

The Museum of Flight came to school today to put on an assembly.  When I asked my 5th grade math class how it was, one of the boys asked if I wanted to hear a joke he made up at the assembly. My mind quickly began racing ... but it wasn't until he said "I'm not sure if it's appropriate or not, but it's really funny" that I nailed the punch line - before he even got the joke out.

Yes - it was Uranus. I love being the mother of boys.

Yep - took the easy way out

From a group of grinning Kindergarten boys: 
"Mrs. Y - what do you think this is?  Just a big leaf pile or a girl catcher?"
I knew darn well what it was, but went with "wow that's a great leaf pile"

Like the blind leading the blind

Cutest thing ever - one kindergartner helping another kindergartner zip his coat.  Took most of recess but they stuck with it. Not sure what they learned in class, but no doubt they both learned something about friendship at school today.

Why, of course

Asked a group of bare foot kids why they weren't wearing shoes. 
Their answer: "We just had music"
 Implied: "Duh"
Fairly certain most things a Kindergarten boy draws will look like  a penis.
After giving some Kindergartners a task, I noticed one just sitting, staring into space.  I asked him what was wrong, and he replied "Nothing.  I'm just rebooting my brain". Sure enough, about a minute later he was actively engaged in the task at hand.

Note to self - sometimes it's OK to stop and reboot.
Sweet 2nd grade girl decked out in pink comes up to me and says "I'm Astro Girl!  My power comes from my butt!!"  Thank goodness as I was trying to figure out what one says to that, she flew off to fight evil.
Making small talk as I patched up a scraped knee from a fall off the swings, I asked what happened.  Still trying to make sense of it herself, the first grader shook her head and said "I don't know- the ground just came up too fast..."

Read a math problem straight from the book today - had to do with Hank Aaron's RBI stats.  Kids had no idea who he was... One asked "why don't they do Barry Bonds?"  I almost told them, then remembered this was math class - not ethics.
Kindergarten teacher was filling me in on one of her students today - "he has a tendency to tease".  Overhearing this, one of his classmates decided to fill me in as well - "he also has a tendency to punch".

Now I know.