Oh my - I really don't need to know that...

Sitting with a group of first graders, this was the conversation:

A. "When I get married,I am NOT kissing my husband on the mouth. That's gross."

B. "I saw my parents do that in the shower."

C. "My dad doesn't wear anything when he sleeps."

D. "Mine either!"

E. "I have an X Box and a Wii U."

A, B, C, D all chime in about their gaming systems and E emerges as my hero of the day.

He said, he said

Today at recess, I saw one 2nd grade boy pin another to the ground. As I walked over, they jumped up and both started talking at once - "we were just playing" and "he tried to kill me" was what I made out.

My conclusion:  the truth lied somewhere in the middle.

Seattle Seahawks - Super Bowl Champs!

It's only 3 days after the Super Bowl and the day of the victory parade, so I can't say I blame him, but I had to laugh when I reminded a first grader to slow down while he practiced his handwriting and his response was "I can't! I'm in Beast Mode!"


Instead of doing their math, a group of 6th grade girls got to wondering what Disney princess they would want to be - if they had a choice. One girl was having a difficult time deciding, so a friend offered "How about Cinderella?".  "Well, maybe....but I wouldn't want to do the servant thing."  She was ready to move on when she got another thought.  "Ooh, the shoes though..."

Class ended before I could hear her final decision, but I was heartened that it was shoes rather than marriage to a prince that would possible sway her.