Depends who you ask

Same incident - 3 stories:

From the boys "Mrs Y - the girls are torturing Arthur!"

From the girls "Mrs Y - Arthur won't let us pet him"

From Arthur (in response to  "Hey bud, what's going on?")
                       "I have no idea"


A first grade boy, who has never complained at recess before came up to me quite upset: "Alex keeps changing the time machine in our game".  Thinking I had a perfectly reasonable question, I asked "what would happen if you just refused to go to the new time?" The look on his face when he responded " I could NEVER do that!" told me I crossed some sort of 7 year old boy line.


Just wait!

From a couple of first grade boys:

Mrs Y - Girls are so confusing!  They ask us to chase them then get mad at us when we do! What should we do?

Rather than say what I really wanted to say ("Oh honey - just wait) I put on my grown up hat and instead said "I'm so glad you stopped when they asked you to.  Why don't you go play soccer?"

Hopefully they'll think about those words 10 years from now.