It's a beautiful morning...

Have you ever had moments that you'd like to bottle up - to be able to take them out and experience them again at a later time? I had one yesterday morning when the first student I encountered, a grinning second grade boy, greeted me like this: "Mornin' Mrs. Y. It's gonna be a BEAUTIFUL day!". Now I don't know if he was talking about the weather (it was chilly and overcast) or just his prediction of how his day was going to go, but in either case my own day got off to a BEAUTIFUL start. Love those kids!

Your royal highness?

A second grade girl asked her friend to go do something for her, and this was the response:

"I know you were treated like a princess at your birthday party, but guess what? You're not really a princess".


Good morning!

I love that kids often come up to report in to me on Monday mornings. They usually start with "look!" Or "guess what?!" and there are definitely some common themes:

*Lost teeth
*Sleep overs or play dates - some successful, some not
*Scraped knees and other new assorted cuts and bruises
*New shoes - often accompanied by a demonstration of how     fast they can now run
*Hair cuts 
*Annoying siblings
*Books being read (especially love this one) :)

Great way to start the week.

The infamous F word

A first grader came to tell me that a kindergartner had used the "F word". As I tried desperately to think of what it could be (a kindergartner couldn't have said THAT!) I must have just looked confused because the patient first grader explained: "Mrs. Y - it rhymes with duck". 

And I was so hoping it was "fudge" or "fight" or ....

No ifs ands or buts

I was helping two first grade boys with a writing assignment today. We would have been finished a lot sooner if one of them didn't have to write the word "but" - massive amounts of giggles ensued. 

To his credit, he did ask if he could spell it with two ts. I said no.