We were going over the 4th graders' homework which had to do with finding the area of a triangle.  One boy got all the problems wrong and realized though he had multiplied base times height, he forgot to divide by 2 - not an uncommon mistake.  We moved on, had the rest of the class and I thought all was well until I heard him say to his friend as  they were leaving : "triangles are stupid".

I just hope years from now he remembers the origin of his strong aversion to all things 3 sided!

Real Housewives

Two fourth grade girls end an argument with one huffing off and the other calling after her "  you know - honest women never have to hide".

Makes me wonder if that second girls' future is that of a screen writer? An author?  A Real Housewife of _______?


Mediating a kindergarten dispute today:
Boy#1 - He told me to shut up
Boy#2 - I did not!  OK - yes I did, but it doesn't count because I didn't mean to.  It just fell out of my mouth.

Oh, if only the things that fall our of our mouths didn't count!

Lady Gaga

When choosing a name, I bet Lady Gaga didn't think about the fact that her name would make a perfect elementary school playground insult.  Apparently it does.