Running between the rain drops

Because of the rain, I told the kids on the playground they needed to stay in a covered area if they didn't have a coat on.  After telling me he wouldn't get wet - and me still saying he couldn't be out on the field without a coat, one 1st grader clearly thought he had a deal for me when he asked "what if I promise to run really fast?"

About face

I thought this was an interesting way to explain the situation!

Friend :"Mrs. Y - come quick (to the soccer field),  Charlie's hurt."
Me: "What happened??"
Friend: "Someone was shooting on goal and his face got in the way"

Those things not included in the 4th grade curriculum

From a 4th grade boy:
You know what I've learned this year?  Never let girls take your shoes."

Well, there's that...

Wanna see?

So glad they feel comfortable and want to share with me, but really?
"Mrs. Y, his cut has pus coming out of it - wanna see?"

One more time that having 3 boys of my own helps on the job.
PS - I did go see, armed with a band aid. 

What a difference a day makes.

Yesterday, a girl fell and cut her head - requiring stitches, Today, another girl came to me and asked for a band aid.  When I asked her what happened I had to smile as she informed me "I broke a nail playing tether ball".

What a difference a day makes.