After her crayon broke, the kindergartner spent several minutes digging through the crayon bin when she held up a nicely sharpened one and exclaimed "Here's one that's charged!"

Cute or sad? Not sure.

Just protecting his parts...

Today a 6th grade boy and girl were kicking a soccer ball back and forth to each other.  I heard him say "make sure to keep it on the ground".  When she aske why, he paused for just a second and responded "there're are less vulnerable parts down there".

Point well made.

If the shoe fits...

I'll admit, my patience was a little thin today:

"Mrs. Y - W's shoe is stuck in the basketball net!"

"Unless his foot is still in it, you'll need to figure out how to get it down. If his foot is still in it, I'll help."

Yea, spring break really can't get here fast enough.

She loves me, she loves me not, she loves me, she loves me NOT

"Ugh....Ewwww...grossssss" the 6th grade girl screamed as she ran off the play field at recess.  I had a couple of theories (bug, snake, boys' bodily function to name a few) but my question was answered by her smirking friend.  "Someone just told her they love her".

So much worse than I had imagined.