Signed, SEALED, delivered

A 2nd grade girl came up to me holding one eye.  "Mrs. Y. I got poked in the eye by a seal".  Her friend quickly assured me - "it was a toy".


Night time visitors

Looks like we had some visitors on the play field last night - lots of very big foot paw prints all over the field this morning. Fun listening to the kids speculate about what happened and who was there!

"One" says the queen

Overheard a group of 6th grade boys on the way to the playground - "I think it's impossible to say the word "one" with a British accent". Needless to say, they tried for the remainder of recess.

How do they come up with this stuff? (You're trying it, aren't you?)

USS Princess

A group of first grade boys approached me. "Mrs. Y - the girls are trying to turn our battleship into a princess ship". Curious, since we were outside on the playground where there was no "ship" per se, I had to ask "is that a bad thing?" Their answer was a great reminder of the power of 6 year old imagination and made me smile.  "Have YOU ever tried to clear a battleship of everything pink?"

I guess my honest answer would be "No. No I haven't"

According to Webster...

A soccer playing 1st grader came off the wet,sloppy play field soaked from head to toe. His friend summed up what happened best, and in the process may have coined a new and fantastic word:

"He got puddled"

Whoop whoop

A kindergartner asked me if "whoop whoop Gangnam style" was a bad word. I so badly wanted to say yes.
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