Bangs, bangs

A third grade girl came in looking very cute, but not very happy, with new bangs. I told her I loved them and asked what inspired her to cut her hair. Her answer explained the not very happy part: "an unfortunate comb incident".

I so wanted to tell her that some day she would look back on this and laugh. I so hated when people said that to me.

In focus?

Talking with a first grade girl at recess:

A - "I take a pill now to help me focus"
Me- "How's that workin......"
A - "Look! I'm wearing galoshes (love that word BTW) so I can step in puddles!"

I'll give it a little more time before I ask again.

Ask a silly question...

"Mrs. Y, look! I filled my pockets with rocks!"

"Why?" (Reasonable question, right?)

"Because I wanted to." (Reasonable answer)

Flippin' the bird

Today I overheard two first grade girls discussing "the finger". One was telling the other "remember, you can NEVER, EVER point that finger at someone. It's bad and very rude. Remember NEVER point it.  At ANYONE!"  The first girl, who was soaking it all in, flipped her middle finger straight up and said "OK - I'll just point it at the sky".


What's in a name?

A kindergarten boy (we'll call Bobby) came up crying, very upset that his friend had called him a name. As I went through the usual suspects in my mind (stupid, something to do with poop, something that ends in "head", ) you can imagine my surprise when I found out he hadn't been called any of those. He had been called ... "Steve".