After math, I walk with the kindergarteners to the cafeteria for lunch.  We were half way there when one little guy realized he'd forgotten his lunch box. Making small talk as we headed back to the classroom to get it, I asked him what happened that he forgot it. He answered "I guess my brain was just too full of math!"

If ever there was a good excuse, he just nailed it.

Snake - part 2

Another snake sighting today. This time, I'm told, no one picked it up.  According to eye witness accounts, the snake told them "Leave me alone. You're not the boss of me". Sorry I missed that.

Way to be assertive, sir snake.
"Mrs. Y.! T caught a snake!!"

As I turned to see where the noise was coming from, I saw a swarm (yep. I used the word swarm) of about 15 second graders heading my way. And yes, T was leading the way proudly holding a snake.  My goal was to get the snake back in the grass where it belonged and I quickly weighed my options. I could firmly tell the group to do just that, but I knew this would be met with objections, arguing and probably attempted bargaining. I know this group.  They were getting closer - and more excited. When they reached me, and after the proper amount of "oohing" and "that is SO cool" from myself,  I decided to appeal to their compassionate side. I mentioned that the snake looked very scared to be surrounded by all of them (in reality, if a snake could look pissed, I'd say he looked pissed) and that the nice thing to do,would be to find the perfect spot to let him go. And with that, the swarm of kind hearted second graders turned around to release the poor snake - who had most likely emerged to simply sun himself on a day that we actually had some sun.

Crisis (for all of us, including the snake) averted.

You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose...

This school year, my time is split between a 5/6 split (advanced students), a kindergarten class and, of course, time on the playground. Kindergarten and the playground have been like slipping into a comfy pair of old shoes. Teaching math to the advanced students has taken a little getting used to.  As a whole, they are fairly serious students, serious people. I've tried to lighten things up a little but was afraid I was failing when, today I heard "Mrs. Y.? Can I add a rule to our class? "Shoot, I thought. No more rules! just relax!"  I have to admit I was oddly and pleasantly surprised though when I asked what rule he wanted to add and he grinned "no putting pencils up your nose". I knew better than to ask what prompted that, but agreed it was a great rule.

I think they're comin' around.
Back to school!

I was talking to a Kindergartener about his summer. He told me about a huge wasp nest at his house.

G - "When my dad killed it, three million one hundred wasps came out!"

Me- "Wow" (because what else can one  say to that?).

G- Pause. Pause. Pause. "Or maybe it was ten".

Points for understanding exaggeration at the age of 5!