Will you marry me?

So apparently if YOUR game piece lands on the same space as SOMEONE ELSE's game piece, you're going to get married - at least if you're 5.

Who knew how easy it was to find a life partner?

Time for a walk

There is a kindergarten girl who loves to pretend she is a dog - so much so that she spends all her time at recess with me, telling me stories of the dog (today she was a German Shepherd named Hans) and asking me to throw balls for her to fetch.  I was a little concerned about her lack of social interaction and connection with her peers -  until today when I saw a class mate "walking" her. Really. It was a good thing :)


There seems to be a direct correlation between a child's annoyance with another child and the number of syllables they add to "Hey!" (often, but not always followed by "that's not fair")

Today I heard an impressive 4 syllable "heyeyeyeye".