Too good not to share

The first graders were all busy working at their desks this morning. One little guy is pretty chatty and was doing his thing, when the girl next to him, without even looking up, said "please stop talking. I stopped paying attention to you."

Oh how many people have thought this but been too polite to say it!
Yeah, it sort of sucks being outside on the playground when it rains. Or it's cold. Or it's rainy and cold. But then there's days like today when the sky is gorgeous and a group of kids and I just stop to watch an eagle soar and all of a sudden those days don't matter. Until next time it rains.or it's cold.

A wrinkle in time

If I don't blow dry my hair in the morning, it tends to be pretty wavy - which I like to think he meant when the first grader asked me why my hair was wrinkly.